Oenological stay
Who hasn’t dreamed :
- Of displaying a bottle of good wine with their own name on the label ?
- Of offering their friends a bottle of their own wine ?
- Of learning about vineyards and the making of wine ?

This dream can come true…
The Clos Boisé can offer you a lot of programs :
- you can order bottles we choose for you with labels bearing the name of your own vintage
- you can make your own blending from samples previously sent to you before we deliver
your wine
- you can also own a small plot of land bearing your name.

We will help you :
• To cultivate the vineyard
• To harvest the grapes
• To make the vintage you like (aged, full-bodied, fruity…)

- Accommodation is of course available for you to enjoy tasting the wine, having an eye
on your
plot of land, and visiting the cellar. You c
able and agreeable.

Whichever your choice you can be ass
in plenty.
an be sure we’ll make your stay very

ured our wine will be of high quality and